We are well aware that you have many options when it comes to medical and aesthetic services. What makes us different is our approach to the whole face, skin, and internal status of the body. Good skin is a reflection of good health and we want to bring that out from the inside. Isabella, our PA specializes in holistic health and has a gentle hand. Her goal is to produce a natural and balanced result and to educate her clients on inflammation and skincare. She is constantly researching new techniques and approaches to make every client look and feel beautiful. As a mom of 6 kids, she understands that many women run busy lives but taking time out for yourself should be a priority!
We assess your goals and set realistic expectations for treatment. We discuss what areas you love about yourself as well as areas that you would like to enhance. In general, if you can tell that some treatment was performed, then it was not a good treatment. Our goal is to have your face balanced and aesthetically pleasing to look at without suspecting any external treatments.
Botox and other neuromodulators are neurotoxins produced by bacteria (Clostridium botulinum) that block the conduction of nerve impulses to muscles. These neurotoxins are produced by little bacteria, which are purified and packaged so that they can be injected in tiny amounts for a controlled response from the nerves and muscle cells. Botox is an effective treatment not only for eliminating these muscle contractions at the time of the injection (and for 3-4 months afterwards), but generally weakens the muscles so that new wrinkles are less likely to form. Due to its excellent safety profile and non-systemic effects, it is very much in line with naturopathic principles. Dermal fillers are likewise compatible with the body as they are made from hyaluronic acid (HA) which the body creates on its own. As we age, HA decreases so the fillers replace what the body has lost over time.
Botox uses tiny insulin needles and is generally very tolerable. The process is also very quick. Lip fillers and micro-needling can be uncomfortable but we use prescription strength numbing agents to make these procedures as comfortable as possible. Most procedures have little to no downtime and you can go to work and play as usual!