Dry Needling/Trigger Point Therapy

Stiff neck? Tight hamstrings and sore low back? We offer quick and effective treatment to your tight muscles by relieving the trigger points that cause the pain.
A trigger point is a tight “muscle knot” that itself causes pain or “triggers” pain in another site. Examples are trigger points in the neck which commonly cause headaches. They may form after muscle injury, overuse, stress, or tension. Muscle stress may be from poor posture or an awkward sleep position. Whatever the cause, we can help relieve it by releasing the muscle with dry needling, a form of treatment that uses thin needles to treat the knot without any injectable solution. Treatment is very quick, usually 15 minutes or less, and is usually less painful and more effective than a deep tissue massage. Relief can be obtained in as little as one session, but depending on the severity of pain and limitation of range of motion, multiple sessions may be required. Risks are very low and all normal activities can be resumed immediately. We offer natural alternatives to steroids so there are no long term side effects to this treatment.

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